Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The color purple

The colour purple is beautiful, I bought this dress two years ago for a friend's wedding and I must say it fit less snug around the hips and belly two years ago. Weight gain though art a heartless B!

I have this terrible habit of buying beautiful pieces for a particular occasion and feel bad if I wear that particular piece for any other event that is not as "glamorous" as the initial occasion it was bought for.
 For example, this dress was bought for a wedding, I would feel terribly bad if I were to wear it to drinks date or something. I'm weired like that.

I wore it to the Easter service on Friday as I realised that weight gain much like time waits for no man! I was glad to be at church, I go to Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church and it is amazing!

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter weekend!

I absolutely love the ruching on this dress, its great to look at and is also a great secret weapon for ladies with a chubby belly, it masks a visible tummy.

Dress: Edgars
Shoes: Fashion Express
Earrings: Fashion Express

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