Tuesday, 2 April 2013

SHORT SHORTING IT "#scbreakingalltherules"

So ... I love these shorts, I feel good in these shorts, my mom could not stand me in these shorts, she thought I was insane, in her own words she said I have no boundaries, hahaha!
 It really felt good to be in them and to "break fashion rules" as Alissa puts in on her blog, check it out and join the movement.


I paired this outfit with these sheer blackmail stockings, I was actually experimenting with them and ended up loving the overall combination.

As you can see, I'm rocking the sneaker wedge. This is a trend I could not pass up, comfort, warmth and cuteness all in ONE shoe?! I had to get me a pair!

Fur Vest: Identity
Black Top: Jet/Edgars
Oxblood shorts: Fashion Express
Sneaker Wedges: Edgars

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