Monday, 23 July 2012


I was so excited to come across Vanoue's latest blog post .She wore a dress similar to mine and wore her hair like I did mine, I absolutely love her dress and I'm quite fond of her blog too, check her out if you have not done so yet. Just thought I should share our similarities in style and taste.  


I used to have such issues with my tummy, it doesn't look that bad  in this pic and I'm not spanxxing. 
It's been a crazy 2 weeks, I've had exams all over the place and I'm writing another one this coming weekend. I got really swamped with work, my phone got stolen (which carries so much of my life) and my exam stress mounted. Therefore I was not able to finish off  the Buxom Beauties Challenge. I managed to get a break this past Saturday after my exam and go out for drinks with my best friend. I wore my LBD that I featured in the last post again and I must say I just love everything about this dress. I rediscovered by waist, I feel ridiculously sexy in this dress.