Monday, 28 March 2011

Saturday at the mall

This was an outfit of the day for my Saturday afternoon spent at the mall with my boyfriend. I felt very sexy in these shorts!

Denim days

I joined the decked out in denim challenge last week. I took quite a number of pictures of me in my denim outfits, and just as  I was getting ready to post some of them on my blog, my camera died and it took all my pictures with it! I'm not sure what is wrong with the camera but I know I don't have enough time to find out because I'm VERY busy right now.

So please forgive the disorderly manner in which the pictures will be posted and please forgive the poor camera quality because the only camera I can use now is my Blackberry camera.

So here's my outfit of the day for last week Wednesday.  Better late than never.

I love my plain T's because they can be mixed and matched with almost any outfit and they are super comfy!

Just a plain outfit of the day, if I were to wear this to a drinks date with my friends, I would probably match it with a pair of sexy heels and I'd wear my hair differently.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Voluptuous Chronicles: Dressing up my denim

Voluptuous Chronicles: Dressing up my denim

Dressing up my denim

I decided to join the dress up your denim challenge, for more information you can follow the link. The challenge is to dress up your denim bottoms into fabulous day looks that could easily transition into night time looks. I found out about this challenge on Jasifers Lions Club you can go to her blog to check out what she's done with the denim challenge.

Here's day one of me in dressed up denim:

I love the detail on this shirt. 

I love the color of these jeans, I can wear them to work and look professional and wear them on a night out and look good.

No. 4 Sexy Boyfriend!

No. 3 la familia

I love them all, they give me such happiness. My dad is not in the picture on the left, he was probably working that day. I thought that old skool family photo was really cute. 

No. 2 Myself

Not to sound vain but I think I'm the most amazing most lovable person I know. Lol. 


I decided to join this new challenge called 365 things I love. I was started by Christina of Randomness, á la Mode but I saw it for the first time on Psychedelic Anemone, both these blogs are great reads and they are authored by very creative women. I love the concept that inspired Christina to start this project, at times we all tend to undermine the blessings we have and take for granted the little things that make life worthwhile. I decided to join this challenge so I can start being more thankful and grateful for life’s little things. I’ll be putting up a list of the things I love every week and here’s my first list in no particular order.

 No. 1 - Jesus

I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior about 9 years ago, he’s my refuge, my strength, my life, my love and my all.

Voluptuous Vixen of the week- Late edition

 Zolani Mahola, is the lead vocalist of Freshlyground a rainbow nation band consisting of members from different musical, social and racial backgrounds. Freshlyground was the opening act for UK pop star Robbie Williams’ South African tour in 2006. They followed that up by giving the world a sample of the South African vibe at the Fifa World up closing ceremony in Germany. They also went on to scoop the 2006 MTV Europe Music Award for Best African Act. Most recently Zolani and Freshlyground teamed up with World renowned singer Shakira in producing the 2010 Football World Cup anthem Waka Waka.  

She's always been a natural hair kind of girl, she looks gorgeous in maxi dresses and you can see her in the picture on the right, in her sneaker and dress kind of look.

She is my fashion icon of choice for this week because of the bold fashion choices she makes. From the time that she entered the 'celebrity scene' she has always made fashion choices that have set her apart from the mainstream and have defied the rules of what “lead vocalist’s” are supposed to wear. She’s an All-Star sneakers and dress kind of girl. A tank top and jeans kind of girl,  even when dressed up she does so with her own panache and you will not find her fashion combination's on anyone else. Her fashion choices have a uniquely Zolani stamp and no matter what she’s dressed in, its not difficult to see that she’s comfortable in her own skin. Below you'll find the official Waka Waka music video with Shakira and Freshlyground.

Signing out: the bountifully blessed Voluptuous Vixen


Shakira - Waka Waka Official Music Video

Bloggers day of silence

I was going to do a Voluptuous Vixen of the week post last week Friday, but I thought against it as I decided to take the bloggers day of silence, in solidarity with the Japanese and to honor the lives that have been lost as a result of the tragedy that has hit their country. The day of silence may be over, but I will continue to pray for Japan and other countries facing difficulties at this time. pledge

Signing out: the bountifully blessed Voluptuous Vixen


Friday, 11 March 2011

Voluptuous Vixen of the week

This week’s Voluptuous Vixen is Neicy Nash. She was host of the style network’s popular home make over show Clean House, and was also on Reno 911 where she played the role of Deputy Raineesha Williams. She lost weight in 2005 going from a size 12 to a size 8. She may not be a plus size woman but she is a curvy girl who is representing well for other buxom and curvy girls. She is a style icon of mine because she’s always known what to wear to flatter her body big or small. Be she in a day dress, a designer gown on the red carped or a pair of jeans, she looks great all the time because she picks the right kind of fashion pieces and cuts for her curvy frame. 

I love her in the green dress above. I love how the dress gathers at the midriff, cinching in the waist giving the lady an hour glass figure. It is an ideal dress for women like me who would like to hide the bulging stomach. 

This dress in the center shows off her curves in an elegant manner and draws the eye to her cleavage and boy does Niecy love her cleavage!

She looks phenomenal in this black and white dress on the right. This dress is be ideal for women who have wide hips and would like to divert the eye from the hips. The detail on the dress gathers in the middle of the body drawing attention away from the hips to the middle of the body and up to the cleavage. And we know just how much Niecy loves her cleavage! 

Signing out: the bountifully blessed Voluptuous Vixen


Thursday, 10 March 2011


King Moshoeshoe

I would like to wish the Basotho Nation a happy Moshoeshoe day. Basotho, Khotso, Pula, Nala!!!

The kingdom of Lesotho a landlocked country and enclave surrounded by the Republic of South Africa celebrates Moshoeshoe’s Day to commemorate the death of the country’s founder on March 11, 1870.

Moshoeshoe is regarded as both a great diplomat and a great leader in Lesotho. He worked for the preservation of his country’s language, art and culture through the documentation he made with European missionaries using the Sesotho Language. Moshoeshoe’s Day is marked with activities conducted across all districts of the country. Various political ceremonial speeches are held, mostly to encourage the public in the government’s drive in alleviating poverty that continuously haunt the country. Various activities are also held including the traditional wreath laying on the monuments dedicated to Moshoeshoe I. 
I am a Mosotho women, my ancestors hail from the Lesotho Kingdom, I'm proud to have had a king like Moshoeshoe.
To find out more about this special day and King Moshoeshoe follow this link:
Signing out: the bountifully blessed Voluptuous Vixen


Wednesday, 9 March 2011


It's my birthday today. So, happy birthday to me! I'm so happy today, I am really happy to be alive, I'm thankful that God has given me another year to be alive and to share with the human beings he has given to me. So much of my happiness comes from my family, their love and support. I am bursting with joy today.

I'm going out for supper with my amazing man tonight, sexiest man   alive! lol. So look out for the pictures.

Thanks for stopping by! 

Signing out: the bountifully blessed Voluptuous Vixen

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Blast from the past!

I haven’t done any outfit posts in a while now; feel like I’m kinda losing the plot here, this is supposed to be a plus size fashion blog, so I need to have fashions on here. I’ve been feeling under the weather for a while now; first I had flu for like a whole week and now I’m just really physically and emotionally drained. Its been keeping me from taking any outfit pictures because as soon as I get home after work I get into my pj’s and plunk myself in front of the couch. Not too healthy I know, I need to get myself out of this funk soon; it’s not good at all.

So, to get back to the theme of the blog, here are some fashion pictures. When I was in my second year at Rhodes University I took part in a photo shoot for the student paper called activate, I was the plus size model.  It was 2007 when I took these pictures, not much has changed in my appearance, I’m a little bigger now and take better care of my hair, but it’s still same old beautiful me. 

I feel these outfits are still stylistically relevant, more so the winter jacket, South Africa is moving into autumn I wish I would have had the opportunity to keep the jacket because it’s one of those pieces that one can wear in autumn when it’s not THAT cold yet and you can also wear it on the REALLY cold winter days.   

This was supposed to be a silly pose. Mission accomplished!

As for the summer outfit, I loved the dress, for its almost animal print look, I’m crazy about prints and I’m on a mission to build my collection. One thing I didn’t like about the dress is its cut for my body type. I’ve never been a fan of strapless dresses I feel like it does not flatter my upper body, or maybe I needed a better bra at that point. I loved the accessories, they are great with any outfit, and they can build or break one’s look. 

Hope you enjoy my outfit posts, even though they are a true blast from the past! 

Signing out: the bountifully blessed Voluptuous Vixen


Friday, 4 March 2011

Voluptuous Vixen of the week

This week’s Voluptuous Vixen is Amber Riley.

Talk about making cargo sexy
 Great legs and great color on her.  
I know her from her role in glee, but I found out recently that she has been around the entertainment block for a while. She has a background in theater and she also auditioned for American Idols at age 17 although she was rejected on the show.  I saw her in the Essence Magazine fashion spread and she looked great!  She has proved she is a fashion force to be reckoned with, always making the right fashion choices for her frame. She is a true plus size role model. 
Sdudla – Fabulosity personified. 
This figure hugging dress does wonders for her body, showing off her the sexy contours of her body. 

Signing out: the bountifully blessed Voluptuous Vixen


Thursday, 3 March 2011


I was watching Oprah last night the topic of discussion was the pain of aging in Hollywood she featured Sybil Sheppard, Linda Evens and Teri Hatcher.  She started off the show with Teri Hatcher and they discussed the no make up photos Teri Hatcher took of herself and later posted onto facebook.  Terri says her motivation behind the picture's she took was the truth; she wanted to show people the truth of who she is. In her own words she say's Decided I’d shoot myself to reveal some truths about “beauty” and hope it makes you all easier on yourself.” I admire Teri for being this honest and her actions in this way are very freeing to a lot of women. There are so many women out there who see the made up Teri Hatcher on DH and want to live up to that expectation which is impossible. 

A lot of the time we the every day women  buy into the lie of the photo shoot, we see these women in the magazine spreads looking flawless from head to toe, no blemishes, no bulging love handles, bodies that look freakishly proportionate and great  hair . The truth is it’s all a lie; the photo shoot girls are able to look THAT good because of all the help they get.   They are aided by throngs and throngs of photographers, make up artists, lighting specialists and fans!  Mind you, I’ve heard that with lighting and fans you can perform beauty miracles.

There is pressure on women across the board to have a beauty that mimics that of cover page girls. That pressure is felt enough by the average skinny woman, but it is two fold for the plus size girl. We have been fought for our waste lines, so not only do we have to chisel our bodies into shape to meet the expectation of skinny is pretty; we also have to have flawless hair, flawless skin and freakishly proportionate bodies. This is the Hollywood lie that takes away from us our right to be human! Life comes with stress, success, happiness, failures, heartache and joy. These are all aspects of life that leave marks on us; it may be frizzy hair on a Monday due to you oversleeping after a rough night. It may be wrinkles at 45 you got because you have laughed in the face adversity so many times!  What ever mark life has left on you, you need to embrace and count it in the same way you count your blessing.

Teri’s photos show her beauty; she looks beautiful outwardly and inwardly too. Her smile speaks volumes about how comfortable she is with herself, how happy she is to be a normal woman who ages and gets age appropriate wrinkles who can, make all the human expressions that show that you have not just existed in the world but you have lived. Hollywood in it’s pursuit for perfection is taking this truth away from us. It is not allowing us to be human and to be alive. 

In summation I would like to thank Teri Hatcher for freeing so many women from the Hollywood bondage of perfection. Yes, her actions may not change the whole world in one day. Its fine though because Rome as not built in a day.   

Signing out: the bountifully blessed Voluptuous Vixen