Friday, 29 April 2011

Mariah Carey feat. Joe & Nas - Thank God I Found You (Make It Last Remix)

I love this song, I love it's lyrics they express exactly what I feel for my bf. I love him SO much!

Mariah Carey feat. Joe & Nas - Thank God I Found You (Make It Last Remix)

I love this song, I love it's lyrics they express exactly what I feel for my bf. I love him SO much!

Common - The Light

This is one of the songs that I'm playing in my car right now.

Grey days

I wore this outfit on Wednesday, a very good friend of mine was supposed to come over for a visit but she couldn't make it. I was so bleak because I miss her so much, so I decided to pop the bottle of wine I had bought for us and sip away. After two glasses I was starting to feel tipsy and felt real inappropriate  being tipys ALONE on a weekday, so I put the bottle away and kept it for this weekend.

This has to be the yummiest wine EVER! It happens to be one of my bf and I's fav wine

It's starting to get real cold this side, I'm really not happy about that.

No. 14 My Car

I love this car, it's my first car bought with my OWN hard earned cash! Love it and I'm so thankful to God for giving me the means to be able to but it. It's nice and small, I love the color black but, I'm sure when my boyfriend and I start a family I'll trade it in for a bigger car with a bigger trunk. To accomodate car seats and other nick-nacks you need when you have a baby.  

Easter Friday

Last week this time it was Easter Friday and the start of a VERY long weekend here in South Africa. The last time  I came to work was last week Thursday and I came in today only because I had to pay our creditors. I'm not really happy about being at work right now because it's COLD and I'd rather be in my bed watching the royal wedding (still can't believe I'm missing it). Can't complain much though because work pays the bills and today is the start of another long weekend, I'll only be back in the office next week Tuesday. YAY for me!

Hope you like my outfit

Here I am with my cute Nephew

I love this top, it doubles as a poncho/ turtle neck, I can wear it with almost anything. Love pieces that give me that kind of freedom

My Momma, Sister and I, posing for a quick snap before we leave for church

Thursday, 21 April 2011

No. 13 Pay Day

Oh how I love pay day! It's such a good time in my life, soon as my cellphone goes off with an sms from the bank notifying me I've been paid, I ACT the fool! I feel invincible, but that feeling quickly subsidses due to all the financial responsibility I have. Oh Lawd! It's petrol  (gas), car repaymetns, insurance, student loans and food. at the end of it all I feel like I've been robbed!  But I always make sure to get myself a little treat before the madness of creditors taking whats due to them sets in.

Monday, 18 April 2011

No. 12 Blueberry Cheesecake Icecream

No. 11 My Heritage

I love the fact that I am a Mosotho (Mu-su-to). I am a child of the Basotho people, who are a tribe that hails from the country of Lesotho in Southern Africa, but can be found to be living all over the world. There are various clans that make up the Basotho people, I come from the Bafokeng (Bah-fo-king) clan, who's totem is the Rabbit.

A Mosotho woman in typical traditional female attire
 That's a tiny backround into my cultrual heritage which is a huge part of who I am and fills me with great pride.
Here I am in a more morden version of the traditional female dress

Monday, 11 April 2011

I feel most beautiful when ...

The other day after my bath I was looking at my naked self in the mirror and I thought "Dear God I'm beautiful". So, that gave me an idea for my blog. I decided I was going to blog about the time/s when I feel/t most beautiful, but then I got another idea! I thought to my self why not get all the bloggers I love in on it too? So I then decided I was going to start a new challange/project called "I feel most beautiful when ..."

The rules are as follows:
1. You state the time/s when you feel most beautiful.
2. You tag 10 beautiful bloggers.
3. You tell the bloggers about the project.

I hope everyone will join and enjoy this project as much as I will.

Here's my version;

I feel most beautiful when;

1. When I am naked. I love how the features of my body that I thought were hideous and grossly imperfect mesh together to make a perfectly imperfect body. I love the contours of my body, my full c cup and how my belly sticks out and always seems to be 5 steps ahead of the rest of me. I just LOVE naked me.

2. When I am doing something right or doing the right thing. Be it when I'm helping a friend or a stranger in need or when I'm faced with a hard task at work and I manage to figure it out by myself. At that point I feel beautiful and smart.

3. When I have a new hairdo. I feel fressshhhh and clean!

Tagged blogs;

1. QueenDiva of Diva in Deep Thought
2. Dee of The The Merry Traveller
3. Khumo of Khumolicious
4. Kirsten of The Dumpy Duchess
5. The Notorious Zag of Bigg Badd Wolf
6. E. Louise of ShapEly Louise
7. Thomessa of Psychedelic Anemone
8. Jennifer of Jasifer Lions Club 
9. Christina of Randomness â la mode
10. Kim of The Natural Fashionista

No. 10 Nine west

I love everything that is nine west. What I love the most are their bags though. They are beautiful, durable and affordable.

No. 9 The smell of my boyfriends cologne

 Another list of the things I love. I love the smell of my boyfriend’s cologne it gets me drunk on love! I could burry my head in his chest for days on end. The smell of his cologne together with his own scent evoke feeling of love, security and happiness (amongst many others) inside of me.


Hi everyone,
I have been such a bad blogger. I haven’t blogged in a while, due to the fact that I’ve been swamped at work. Last week alone I was working on the annual budget of our office so I was too busy crunching numbers to blog. When I got home I was too tired to take pictures of my outfits so last week was just a write off.
I would like to give a warm welcome to my new followers, I hope you enjoy yourself every time you visit my blog and that you keep coming back.
So, down to business, here’s an outfit post from this past Saturday. I went out with my Boyfriend and his friends.  I had the best time ever, great company and great conversation.

I apologise for the shoddy camera quality. I'm still using my bb for pics but that will change soon

Thanks for reading.

Signing out: the bountifully blessed Voluptuous Vixen


Friday, 1 April 2011

Casual Friday

I love my job, because I get to wear anything I want. Even though it's an office job and power dressing goes hand in hand with it, there are days when one can get away with being in jeans and flats at the office.

 I wore this outfit today.  I really like this vest/cardigan it's a great purchase because I can mix and match it with almost any outfit. It allows me a great deal of versatility and its not too bad on the eye either.

I paired this outfit with these nude heels of mine, they look great on me but walking around in them is a mission. They really hurt my feet, but they are SO worth it!
Signing out: the bountifully blessed Voluptuous Vixen


Voluptuous Vixen of the week

Anele Mdoda is a South African radio DJ best known for her on-air partnership with Grant Nash, having worked for a year together on Highveld FM before moving to national radio when they took over the 12pm-3pm slot on 5FM in March 2008.

She was one of the celebrity contestants on the fifth season of the SABC2 reality dance competition Strictly Come Dancing, from September to December, 2008. Her professional dance partner was Brandon Eilers.

I think these red shoes are a great splash of color
She's a large and in charge woman representing well for all the Voluptuous Vixen's of South Africa. 

Signing out: the bountifully blessed Voluptuous Vixen