Thursday, 21 June 2012

Faux fur bowling edition

I went out for dinner and bowling with a friend this past weekend. I'm glad he dragged me out of the house because I had not been out line a little over two weeks, it turned out to be just what I needed. People in my house are very over me and this little old blog of mine, no one wants to take ootd pics of me anymore therefore I have to take pics at random locations where I can sit my camera down.

Please excuse the blurry vision in the pics, like I said in earlier posts, I'm working on a new camera.

Like I said before I love faux fur!

Friday, 15 June 2012


Hey blogger friends!

Today is another edition of the buxom beauties fashion face-off and today's instalment had to be about colour/ colour blocking or a dash of colour. I decided to "colour block" after I saw the picture below while messing around on the net. Like I said before I do not have a lot of colourful items in my closet, so when I saw the turquoise skirt below it gave me an idea how to wear mine. I had to add my faux fur vest, it's like my go to item for the winter! I can't deal. Love it!

This is my outfitspiration

I thought the mustard, turquoise and faux fur complemented each other well as far as winter colours are concerned.
Skirt - Thrifted
Jersey - Edgars
Faux fur vest - Identity

I tried to recreate the outfit as best as I could, I'm more convinced than ever that I need colour in my life!

 Blogging is so much fun, I hope everyone that comes by here enjoys reading/ watching what I put on here. Thanks for stopping by, please come again!

 Please check out Marcia at her blog SA Fatshionista and see what she does with colour, if she doesn't update today she'll do a double take next week, she's in the middle of exams and we wish her all the best! Shou

Friday, 8 June 2012


This week was the start of the buxom beauties face-off challenge/collaboration with Marcia over at SA Fatshionista. The challenge for this week was to show in one outfit post how you would wear denim for the winter month. I decided to go for the denim on denim ensemble, it might not be the most creative way to wear denim but I have been wanting to create an outfit like this for a while now and this was a great opportunity to do so.

Funny story about these pictures, I had to take them in the bathroom this morning because it's been raining cats and dogs since the 5am, I didn't wanna take photo's of myself in the office around everyone else because I feared that I'd look vain plus my boss is a real meanie! So, I had to take them in a hurry, I didn't like the way most of the photo's came out, the photo's that are posted were some of the best in the batch.  Anyway, please click on Marcia's blog and check out what she's done with denim for this week.

Welcome to all my new followers, I appreciate you reading and commenting. Please  come again!

Suede boots I'm wearing with the outfit
The bag I am carrying today.

Monday, 4 June 2012


Voluptuous Chronicles and fellow South African fashion blog SA Fatshionitsa  will be taking part in a fashion face off for the month of June. 

The months of winter in South Africa stretch from June - August and because of the low temperatures dressing up for winter can be a bit of a challenge. There are a lot of cute winter clothes one could wear but because of the need to cover up, you find that most people live in their winter coats or track suits and the creativity behind putting together an outfit fades.  

So, the idea behind the fashion challenge/collaboration is to find a way to make dressing up for the winter month of June fun, retaining the need to cover up and be warm, while also keeping outfits trendy and fun.

The rules of the challenge are as follows;

1. One fashion piece is chosen for each week.
2. The chosen fashion piece will be the focus of the outfit that is to be showcased that week.  
3. It is the task of the blogger to dress that fashion piece up/down as she pleases. 
4. The idea is to shop from your closet. 
5. The outfit created around this fashion piece will be uploaded on the blog every Friday. 

The fashion pieces for the 4 weeks of June are as follows:

1. Week 4th - 8th June       
      - Denim/Jeans/Denim shirt/ Denim jacket 

2. Week 11th - 15th June 
     - Winter colour blocking/ splash of colour. 

3. Week 18th - 22nd June 
     - LBD in winter.

4. Week 25th - 29th June  
     - Arm candy, jewellery/ accessories in winter. 

Be sure to check both blogs throughout the month of June, leave comments and tell us what you think. Hope you will enjoy this journey with us. 

Thanks for reading!