Wednesday, 30 May 2012

First colour block

I went out to go see Think Like a Man with a good friend of mine this past Friday. I really liked the movie, I had been wanting to see it since last month but I couldn't because I was studying up a storm for exams. I'm a big Kevin Hart fan and to be honest he was the main reason why I wanted to see it, I loved his performance and was also pleasently surprised by Wendy Williams's performance. Anyway, on to the fashions.

This was my first try at colour blocking and I loved the way it turned out. I just felt super sexy that night, I can never leave my red lips out of my night time outfits, I think I'm obsessed with red lips right now!

I was so excited to wear this thrifted coral/orange blazer which I bought for R 40 which in dollars is like 5 dollars I think. I wore a statement necklace which I've really enjoyed since I bought it last year, it really finishes off my outfits well.  The blazer looks red or pink in some pictures this is because the quality of my camera is quite shoddy, I'm hoping to remedy that soon.

Black skinny's - Edgars
Blue sheer shirt - Edgars
Coral blazer - Thrifted
Black clutch - Thrifted
Necklace - Woolworths 

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

PLUS FAB - Not just the right size

Ms. O. Tema the Founder and Creative Director of Plus-Fab rocking one of her original designs.
As promised earlier this month I managed to secure an interview with Ms. Ouma Tema the founder of Plus-fab, the newest plus size fashion line in South Africa. Enjoy! 

Model wearing dress from the Plus-fab 2012 winter collection. 

    One thing that struck me about you is the confidence you radiate. It’s unapologetic, honest confidence, for a big woman living in a world where big is not always considered beautiful, where did you get the boldness, to look societal standards of beauty in the face and say I am big and beautiful?

      I grew up in this body; I don’t know myself in any other body except this one. Being sad and miserable about me was not an option the better option was loving and embracing myself. By doing so, people relate with me from that loving point. 

        What was the motivation behind starting the plus-fab fashion line
      I was struggling to get clothes that spoke to a chic, sophisticated and fabulous plus size woman. Clothes I found were in the right size but never spoke to the fashionable me. I then decided to have my clothes made to my specifications for events such as parties and weddings which I had to attend. This resulted in the fuller figured women in my circle asking for my outfits (some willing to pay double the price value).Before I knew it Plus-Fab was born and you know what they say?  THE REST IS HISTORY! 

      What are you hoping the line will do for plus women and for the plus industry in South Africa as a whole?

I am hoping it will help restore Fuller figured women’s confidence. THIS IS THEIR TIME TO SHINE! Life is too short to worry about having the perfect body, self love is key.

     Where do you get the inspiration for all the gorgeous pieces in your collection? Is much of your personal style embodied in them? Do you draw inspiration from particular style icons? 

I have a lot of style icons, women like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis who’s style is timeless and simple. I love Marilyn Monroe who brought sex appeal to the fore without showing a lot. I consider myself to be a simple and chic kind of girl, I mostly fuse-in my flair in all my designs and always want to create outfits that are practical and classy.

     What kind of pieces could one find under the plus-fab line? Day dresses, Cocktail   dresses, shoes, bags?

I make outfits that would take you to work and cocktail events without having to drive home to change. What I love most about my designs is that one can dress them up or down, which is a bonus if you ask me. Most importantly, my clothing is created to embrace our bodies not cover them up. 

Beautiful dress from the 2012 Plus-Fab winter collection

        What were the biggest challenges you encountered when starting this line and how did you circumvent them?

I am not sure if I am at a point where I can say I have managed to circumvent the challenges that come with what I do. However, the challenges encountered thus far are having to be everything at once and still maintaining the creativity and flair regardless. 

     Where do you think the South African plus size fashion industry is at the moment? Do you think stylistically it is doing well in representing women?

SA plus size fashion is still in its early stage of development. A lot of work still needs to be done, blogs and magazines are still shy or skeptical to come out in support or in recognition of our existence. It is as if we are made a huge favor by being featured anywhere in the mainstream media *turn off*. Thanks to blogs such as Voluptuous Chronicles, your work is commendable indeed.

     What style advice do you have for plus women in order for them to best harness their strengths?

Self Love is important. When you honestly love yourself from Inside out you will treat yourself with love and that will show in how you carry yourself. You will treat your body differently (from the clothes you wear to the food you eat).I have insecurities too, however,I choose to love me for me, that translates in all I do, including how I dress.

     What advice do you have for another plus woman who may be looking to delve into fashion design?

Fashion industry like any other industry is a Business, treat the industry as such.
Being humble and honest will always attract favor from God. 
Plus-fab models rocking the high low trend. 

Plus fab can be contacted through the following avenues

Founder and creative director of Plus-Fab: Ms. Ouma Tema
Twitter: @oumatema
Facebook page: Ouma Tema at Plus-Fab
Tel: 012 751 4037
Official website:
Official blog:

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Lesson in fashion

I do not consider myself to be a fashion guru or a fashion icon, I started this blog as a chubby girl who was trying to find the best way to dress her awkward chubby body. In the process of blogging I have learnt so much about how to best dress my shape, I have learnt a lot about how to respect my clothes, how to buy the RIGHT SIZE and most importantly how to build wardrobe staples!

Building good quality wardrobe staples has been my mission since late last year, I realised the importance of owning these pieces when I would spend countless mornings frustrated because in my wardrobe FULL of clothes I could not find the right pieces to put an outfit together for work or play. Upon doing research about building a versatile wardrobe I realised that I did not own any key wardrobe staples.

According to my research when building essential wardrobe items, you ought to have the following issues in mind;
  1. Versatility - It is important to buy an item that can work with various outfits, therefore it would be great to buy something in neutral colours. Black/white tank tops, black/white button down shirts, it is also a good idea to add grey, beige and blues.
  2. Quality - It must be of good quality in this way it will wear well it is important for your go to garment to wear well.
  3. It must be of a classic style, simply because you do not want a clothing item you rely on to build your wardrobe to go out of style. 
  4. Quantity - I feel that it may be a good idea to own two of your favourite wardrobe essential items. This is in case of any emergencies. 
I have made a check list of items I am still working on building, because of this mission I am on I find that my closet lacks colour, most of my clothes are black, brown, white or beige, that is quite boring. So to remedy that situation the next fashion mission I am on is to add colour to my wardrobe.

My check list of fashion essentials I have to build on is as follows;
  1. White and black cardigans 
Black cardigan at the office.

Black cardigan for weekend look. 

     2. Quality blue jeans 

    3. White button down shirt
One way a white shirt can be styled for office wear

Casual look for the white shirt
     4.  Black button down shirt

Business casual with the black shirt

     5.  Black blazer

I love this variation of the black blazer on the left, I also find myself in love with the blue on the right too, it has an edgy and sophisticated feel

Business casual with the black blazer

After I have purchased these items I will look into adding more colour into my wardrobe, but  that  will have to be a mission for spring and summer because recently I did some heavy duty shopping adding some winter staple pieces to my everyday wear. I will do a post on them soon enough. 

Monday, 7 May 2012

PLUS FAB-ulous

The plus size fashion scene in South Africa has recently welcomed a new fashion line called PLUS FAB, founded and owned by Ms. Ouma Tema a South African native. I was first introduced to her creations on facebook and was immediately impressed by how elegant and chic her line is, more importantly  I was drawn to the quality of her designs. I think she is doing an amazing job overhauling the fashion scene for the fuller figured woman of South Africa. I believe that she is about to give the local retail stores a run for their money because most of them, save for one or two stores sell plus clothes that leave a lot to be desired. I am hoping to get an interview with her so that we can get the full story behind the history of her brand. For now though, I am just going to share some photo's of her creations and direct you to her Facebook page which is at
Ms. Ouma Tema founder of Plus Fab

Ouma rocking one of her summer designs

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Lately ....

Wow, it's been almost 3 months since my last post so much has happened since then I don't even know where to start!  I turned 25 in March and my blog turned a year old  in January,  I've been so preoccupied with life and it's unexpected happenings that I did not even realise that my blog was turning a year old.  The past 5 months have been difficult, the universe has forced a huge helping of truth serum down my throat, it has beaten me senseless with the truth and change whip, I am emotionally exhausted! Because of the state of my emotions,  I barely feel like dressing up and so on, I always make sure I look decent and smell good, but the taking of outfit pics and the walking around in heels becomes a mission when life takes it's toll. I have been praying for restoration, I appreciate the lessons that God is teaching me through this difficult time, I'm actually excited about the person I am being shaped into by these circumstance. However, with that said, I need a break now, so I've been praying for restoration, all of my blogger friends who pray please pray for me as I ask God to restore and rebuild what has been lost in my life.

Well enough of the gloomy sad stuff, let's get onto the fashions! I have missed blogging a lot, but I am always on my favourite blogs checking out new pictures and getting inspiration. Below are two outfits from outings the past week. I love maxi skirts, I love them more on other women though, I just feel like they are not the most flattering piece of clothing for my frame. Its autumn here in South Africa so we are busy stocking up on those winter long john's and winter woolies.