Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Lesson in fashion

I do not consider myself to be a fashion guru or a fashion icon, I started this blog as a chubby girl who was trying to find the best way to dress her awkward chubby body. In the process of blogging I have learnt so much about how to best dress my shape, I have learnt a lot about how to respect my clothes, how to buy the RIGHT SIZE and most importantly how to build wardrobe staples!

Building good quality wardrobe staples has been my mission since late last year, I realised the importance of owning these pieces when I would spend countless mornings frustrated because in my wardrobe FULL of clothes I could not find the right pieces to put an outfit together for work or play. Upon doing research about building a versatile wardrobe I realised that I did not own any key wardrobe staples.

According to my research when building essential wardrobe items, you ought to have the following issues in mind;
  1. Versatility - It is important to buy an item that can work with various outfits, therefore it would be great to buy something in neutral colours. Black/white tank tops, black/white button down shirts, it is also a good idea to add grey, beige and blues.
  2. Quality - It must be of good quality in this way it will wear well it is important for your go to garment to wear well.
  3. It must be of a classic style, simply because you do not want a clothing item you rely on to build your wardrobe to go out of style. 
  4. Quantity - I feel that it may be a good idea to own two of your favourite wardrobe essential items. This is in case of any emergencies. 
I have made a check list of items I am still working on building, because of this mission I am on I find that my closet lacks colour, most of my clothes are black, brown, white or beige, that is quite boring. So to remedy that situation the next fashion mission I am on is to add colour to my wardrobe.

My check list of fashion essentials I have to build on is as follows;
  1. White and black cardigans 
Black cardigan at the office.

Black cardigan for weekend look. 

     2. Quality blue jeans 

    3. White button down shirt
One way a white shirt can be styled for office wear

Casual look for the white shirt
     4.  Black button down shirt

Business casual with the black shirt

     5.  Black blazer

I love this variation of the black blazer on the left, I also find myself in love with the blue on the right too, it has an edgy and sophisticated feel

Business casual with the black blazer

After I have purchased these items I will look into adding more colour into my wardrobe, but  that  will have to be a mission for spring and summer because recently I did some heavy duty shopping adding some winter staple pieces to my everyday wear. I will do a post on them soon enough. 


  1. What a great post! I agree with everything and love love love the blazers with the white piping! Thank you for all of your sweet comments on my blog. I am sorry that I am not able to stop by more often. I will try and do better! Kiah

  2. whit button downs and white tees are two things i can never have enough of. partially b/c they are so classic, but also b/c there's nothing like that new crisp white.

  3. Thanks for the comment Kiah, I just love your blog. @Simplychic, I agree completely, there is absolutely nothing like a crisp white shirt! Love them.