Monday, 23 January 2012

Maxi fancy

I bought this maxi dress last year and I wore it to my cousin's wedding. I love everything about it, the print, the silky fabric, the colours and how the mesh together. But because the dress is so long, I feel that I always have to wear really high shoes with the dress, I'm not a big fan of really high shoes so that's a bit of a mission at times. Other than that I feel great in this dress.

Happy New Year

Hey everyone, brand new post for a brand new year. This is just me rocking my new favourite item in my closet lately. I love this dress as I feel it complements my body by emphasising the parts of me I love the most. I think the colour white is a great canvas to work on, I could accessorise this dress in anyway I want and it could look like a different dress every time. I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and that your brand new year is filled with happiness, love and success. Later!                      

I've been rocking the red lip lately. I'm loving it.