Monday, 23 January 2012

Maxi fancy

I bought this maxi dress last year and I wore it to my cousin's wedding. I love everything about it, the print, the silky fabric, the colours and how the mesh together. But because the dress is so long, I feel that I always have to wear really high shoes with the dress, I'm not a big fan of really high shoes so that's a bit of a mission at times. Other than that I feel great in this dress.


  1. Where have you been?!?!? Love that dress..your hair...and that statement necklace!!

  2. Thanks my darling! I've been busy all over the place, its great to see I was missed!

  3. The dress is beautiful and to add the necklace to it is just icing! Looking forward to see more from you :)


    1. This is sooooo freakin beautiful!