Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Big Fat Summer Challenge - Colour Blocking (or as close as it gets).

I'm using a video because I don't have a camera anymore! Boo hoo!!!!  

Hi Girls (and maybe boys) this is my first post in the Big Fat Summer Challenge hosted by Marcia. This is as close to colour blocking as my outfit will get, I am wearing white jeans from Fashion Express and a Zebra printed top with some yellow, white and black accents. I am not really big into colour blocking, as much as I love seeing the trend on other people I do not want to be the person with cobalt blue jeans and a mint shirt. It is not to say its not a great combination, but it's really not for me.

I did mention in the video that I was inspired to wear white jeans by my tow favourite bloggers Passion Jonesz and Allisa of Stylish Curves.