Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Curvy South African Idols

Currently I am going crazy over Idols season 8, mostly because I haven't watched the show in close two years or so. I had gotten really bored with it at some point and I swore off of it. I am glad I got to catch this year's show though because the talent is great and it is very entertaining. I have my favorites and I definitely have a few contestants who make me wanna throw my remote at the TV every time they sing. I will not be throwing any shade on anyone in this post though, I am just going to be showing love to the curvy ladies on the show. 
This season is filled with beautiful and talented curvy women, ShekhinahNosipho and Tshidi. These are my top three contestants and it doesn't hurt that they have done a great job representing for the girl with curves. Even though Nosipho was voted off two weeks ago, I'm sure that the prize will go to either one of the remaining curvy ladies, the voices on these women are amazing! 

Tshidi moves effortlessly from body hugging dresses to this free flowing  pleated  dress and manages  to still love great.

Shekhinah always keeps it young and trendy.
Nosipho's hair fascinated me I'd love to do something like that but I don't have the guts  to.
Rocking those stripes and looking great in all her pear shaped glory. 
Shekhinah is a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice to match.
Tshidi in this dress makes it look like body-con skirts and dresses were made for the curvy girl.