Monday, 7 May 2012

PLUS FAB-ulous

The plus size fashion scene in South Africa has recently welcomed a new fashion line called PLUS FAB, founded and owned by Ms. Ouma Tema a South African native. I was first introduced to her creations on facebook and was immediately impressed by how elegant and chic her line is, more importantly  I was drawn to the quality of her designs. I think she is doing an amazing job overhauling the fashion scene for the fuller figured woman of South Africa. I believe that she is about to give the local retail stores a run for their money because most of them, save for one or two stores sell plus clothes that leave a lot to be desired. I am hoping to get an interview with her so that we can get the full story behind the history of her brand. For now though, I am just going to share some photo's of her creations and direct you to her Facebook page which is at
Ms. Ouma Tema founder of Plus Fab

Ouma rocking one of her summer designs

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  1. So pretty!

    Stay beautiful!*Smooches*