Thursday, 21 June 2012

Faux fur bowling edition

I went out for dinner and bowling with a friend this past weekend. I'm glad he dragged me out of the house because I had not been out line a little over two weeks, it turned out to be just what I needed. People in my house are very over me and this little old blog of mine, no one wants to take ootd pics of me anymore therefore I have to take pics at random locations where I can sit my camera down.

Please excuse the blurry vision in the pics, like I said in earlier posts, I'm working on a new camera.

Like I said before I love faux fur!


  1. I can't wait til its winter in the US!!.. I love the fur vest!

  2. Looking stunning sister girl! Fur and denim look great together hey, must try.

    p.s awesome seeing a dope a$$ local blog
    new follower


    1. Thanks for stopping by girl and the LOVE! Just went through your blog I'm following too!

  3. Loving the vest!