Friday, 29 April 2011

Grey days

I wore this outfit on Wednesday, a very good friend of mine was supposed to come over for a visit but she couldn't make it. I was so bleak because I miss her so much, so I decided to pop the bottle of wine I had bought for us and sip away. After two glasses I was starting to feel tipsy and felt real inappropriate  being tipys ALONE on a weekday, so I put the bottle away and kept it for this weekend.

This has to be the yummiest wine EVER! It happens to be one of my bf and I's fav wine

It's starting to get real cold this side, I'm really not happy about that.


  1. LOL @ the inappropriateness of your drink, haha! I like this, gray and black are my friends lately. I wish I could see your necklace better though! xoxo

  2. LOL, I felt so naughty! I love grey and black too, it's always a great combo.