Monday, 11 April 2011

I feel most beautiful when ...

The other day after my bath I was looking at my naked self in the mirror and I thought "Dear God I'm beautiful". So, that gave me an idea for my blog. I decided I was going to blog about the time/s when I feel/t most beautiful, but then I got another idea! I thought to my self why not get all the bloggers I love in on it too? So I then decided I was going to start a new challange/project called "I feel most beautiful when ..."

The rules are as follows:
1. You state the time/s when you feel most beautiful.
2. You tag 10 beautiful bloggers.
3. You tell the bloggers about the project.

I hope everyone will join and enjoy this project as much as I will.

Here's my version;

I feel most beautiful when;

1. When I am naked. I love how the features of my body that I thought were hideous and grossly imperfect mesh together to make a perfectly imperfect body. I love the contours of my body, my full c cup and how my belly sticks out and always seems to be 5 steps ahead of the rest of me. I just LOVE naked me.

2. When I am doing something right or doing the right thing. Be it when I'm helping a friend or a stranger in need or when I'm faced with a hard task at work and I manage to figure it out by myself. At that point I feel beautiful and smart.

3. When I have a new hairdo. I feel fressshhhh and clean!

Tagged blogs;

1. QueenDiva of Diva in Deep Thought
2. Dee of The The Merry Traveller
3. Khumo of Khumolicious
4. Kirsten of The Dumpy Duchess
5. The Notorious Zag of Bigg Badd Wolf
6. E. Louise of ShapEly Louise
7. Thomessa of Psychedelic Anemone
8. Jennifer of Jasifer Lions Club 
9. Christina of Randomness â la mode
10. Kim of The Natural Fashionista


  1. I would love to be part of this. Thank you so much for tagging me. This is a really awesome idea :)

  2. @ thomessa, thanks so much for the speedy response and for your willingness to participate. Much appreciated.


  3. Yaaay!! Great idea, I'm definitely happy to be a part of this. I will post tonight!! ^_^

  4. @Zag, thanks a mil for being part of this, I'll stop by your blog to check out your post:)


  5. Blog 101 Umm How do you Tag other Bloggers...=/ LOL

  6. lol, OH Louise, let me try help. Once you have typed the blogger you'd like to tag, you highlight their name and then you click on link(that's located at your 'toolbox' at the top). Once you click on link it will then ask you to which web address you would like to link the name you have typed and highlighted. You will then enter the blogger’s web address. And voila you’ve tagged someone!

  7. this is a beautiful idea, and I think its so awesome of you to start it! Such a grand idea, love ur blog by the way, im a new follower.. :)

  8. @moya2bean, thanks so much for commenting and I'm really glad that u like my idea. I appreciate u following my blog, I've just followed yours and I'm loving it already.