Thursday, 3 March 2011


I was watching Oprah last night the topic of discussion was the pain of aging in Hollywood she featured Sybil Sheppard, Linda Evens and Teri Hatcher.  She started off the show with Teri Hatcher and they discussed the no make up photos Teri Hatcher took of herself and later posted onto facebook.  Terri says her motivation behind the picture's she took was the truth; she wanted to show people the truth of who she is. In her own words she say's Decided I’d shoot myself to reveal some truths about “beauty” and hope it makes you all easier on yourself.” I admire Teri for being this honest and her actions in this way are very freeing to a lot of women. There are so many women out there who see the made up Teri Hatcher on DH and want to live up to that expectation which is impossible. 

A lot of the time we the every day women  buy into the lie of the photo shoot, we see these women in the magazine spreads looking flawless from head to toe, no blemishes, no bulging love handles, bodies that look freakishly proportionate and great  hair . The truth is it’s all a lie; the photo shoot girls are able to look THAT good because of all the help they get.   They are aided by throngs and throngs of photographers, make up artists, lighting specialists and fans!  Mind you, I’ve heard that with lighting and fans you can perform beauty miracles.

There is pressure on women across the board to have a beauty that mimics that of cover page girls. That pressure is felt enough by the average skinny woman, but it is two fold for the plus size girl. We have been fought for our waste lines, so not only do we have to chisel our bodies into shape to meet the expectation of skinny is pretty; we also have to have flawless hair, flawless skin and freakishly proportionate bodies. This is the Hollywood lie that takes away from us our right to be human! Life comes with stress, success, happiness, failures, heartache and joy. These are all aspects of life that leave marks on us; it may be frizzy hair on a Monday due to you oversleeping after a rough night. It may be wrinkles at 45 you got because you have laughed in the face adversity so many times!  What ever mark life has left on you, you need to embrace and count it in the same way you count your blessing.

Teri’s photos show her beauty; she looks beautiful outwardly and inwardly too. Her smile speaks volumes about how comfortable she is with herself, how happy she is to be a normal woman who ages and gets age appropriate wrinkles who can, make all the human expressions that show that you have not just existed in the world but you have lived. Hollywood in it’s pursuit for perfection is taking this truth away from us. It is not allowing us to be human and to be alive. 

In summation I would like to thank Teri Hatcher for freeing so many women from the Hollywood bondage of perfection. Yes, her actions may not change the whole world in one day. Its fine though because Rome as not built in a day.   

Signing out: the bountifully blessed Voluptuous Vixen


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