Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Blast from the past!

I haven’t done any outfit posts in a while now; feel like I’m kinda losing the plot here, this is supposed to be a plus size fashion blog, so I need to have fashions on here. I’ve been feeling under the weather for a while now; first I had flu for like a whole week and now I’m just really physically and emotionally drained. Its been keeping me from taking any outfit pictures because as soon as I get home after work I get into my pj’s and plunk myself in front of the couch. Not too healthy I know, I need to get myself out of this funk soon; it’s not good at all.

So, to get back to the theme of the blog, here are some fashion pictures. When I was in my second year at Rhodes University I took part in a photo shoot for the student paper called activate, I was the plus size model.  It was 2007 when I took these pictures, not much has changed in my appearance, I’m a little bigger now and take better care of my hair, but it’s still same old beautiful me. 

I feel these outfits are still stylistically relevant, more so the winter jacket, South Africa is moving into autumn I wish I would have had the opportunity to keep the jacket because it’s one of those pieces that one can wear in autumn when it’s not THAT cold yet and you can also wear it on the REALLY cold winter days.   

This was supposed to be a silly pose. Mission accomplished!

As for the summer outfit, I loved the dress, for its almost animal print look, I’m crazy about prints and I’m on a mission to build my collection. One thing I didn’t like about the dress is its cut for my body type. I’ve never been a fan of strapless dresses I feel like it does not flatter my upper body, or maybe I needed a better bra at that point. I loved the accessories, they are great with any outfit, and they can build or break one’s look. 

Hope you enjoy my outfit posts, even though they are a true blast from the past! 

Signing out: the bountifully blessed Voluptuous Vixen


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