Monday, 11 July 2011


I've been fantasising about all the things I can't wait to wear in summer! For one, I'm currently obsessed with full high waisted skirts! I can't seem to find them anywhere! But I've decided that if I don't find one that makes me happy I'm gonna have one made. Not that I can't wear skirts now, but wearing skirts in winter is not as fun as wearing skirts in summer.

Crop tops are also on my MUST WEAR list for this summer. I already have a few of them, but I'm looking to add to my collections. But instead of buying this time, I think I'll just make my own crop top out of one of my old shirts, I was going through some of my favorite blogs and I saw on God Favourite shoes that it's possible to make one KICK ASS crop top. You can see her crop top here

I can already imagine this top on me. With my shorts, with skinny's, the options are endless!
I miss summer!


  1. I am in love with that 1st skirt...OMGee YES!! I just cut off a couple of shirts to make my own crop top...girl I don't care if it looks ghetto!! lol Thank you for your super sweet comment! Kiah

  2. Lol, I've got crop top fever man, its insane. I meant what I left on ure blog, ure style keeps blowing me away:)