Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The reason why I LOVE full skirts

In my post yesterday I stated that I am currently in LOVE with high waisted "full" skirts. I had a few of them a couple of years back (I'll dig into my old clothes and do a feature of them on here soon) and I enjoyed wearing them so much because I feel that they are the right kind of skirt for my figure. I love how they sit high enough to cover my belly, and boy do I have a lot of belly! It's just one of those parts of my body that I'm still working on accepting. So I enjoy these puffy high waisted skirts cos they can cover that part of my body and they just look great on big gurls.

Christina of Musings of a Fatshionista together with Brittney of Born in Sequins have reignited my love for these kind of skirts. They look SO good in these high waisted skirts they made me feel like I had to get myself one too. If you haven't been to either one of these blogs yet, be a darl and visit them, it will be worth your while!

Here's a few picture's of the ladies, they both have a great dress sense, and they definitely make being plus size cool.

Love the fullness and the color

I love her here, I love the pick-aboo of the bra and the vest. The skirt is a perfect finish

There go the puffy shoulders, so sexy.

This woman is gorgeous.

This may not be the puffy skirt I was talking about, but this high waisted pencil look is phenomenal on her. Look I'm straight but DZAMN!

I want to be this brave with my tummy, have it out this much and not be self conscious about it.


  1. Girl I love Christina!! She is so funky fresh!! lol You look amazing in that skirt and striped top! WOW!! Where did you get that skirt? Kiah

  2. I know what you mean about Christina girl! As for the lady in the stripped top? That's not me, its Britteny and yea, I'd also like to know where she got her skirt:)

  3. Great style! Especially love the royal blue skirt! XO

  4. I love that kind of skirts, but I think that they just don't look good on me :(

  5. Flaws of Couture is LOVING what we're seeing here! Awesome! Ladies look great!

  6. @Chanel, I love that shade of blue, such a nice bold color for summer. @marina, I'm sure u just have to find the right skirt, I think they'll look good on anyone! @FOC thanks for reading.

  7. I love those bright skirts! They pop on you! :)

  8. awww i love that cobalt blur skirt. it was super sexy. #jeweltones


  9. Hey im over from 20sb...Hmmm now that you mentioned it I am really loving this skirt. You can wear it so many different ways. Not sure if it will be fitting for my body type but i love this look..and the ladies in the pics are rocking it boo boo *snap* *snap* LOL


  10. I'ts awesome reading your posts, and I'm spreading the love by nominating you for the 'One Lovely Blog' award. Check out my blog for details! YAYYYYY!! :)


  11. @waittillthesunsets, thanks SO much girl! I'm gonna post it up ASAP!

  12. I love these skirts! Im a sucker for high waisted pants for that same reason, they disguise my belly!!!