Monday, 15 August 2011

Style -inSpiration

Hi everyone,  last week I was going through my favourite blogs trying to catch up on my reading and I came across Toya's  style muse post (The Grey She looked so good she inspired me create my own distressed denim shorts. So on Saturday afternoon I took a pair of scissors, a razor and some bleach and I went to work creating my own funky pair of distressed jeans. I love the way the jeans turned out, but I don't like the way the photo's I took turned out though. My boyfriend was the photographer for the day, and he was in a hurry to have our photo session over and done with because he wanted to go watch the Tri-Nations rugby game, this leg of the game was between South Africa and Australia.

I decided to wear the shorts with a pair of what we call pumps here in SA and they are called flats in the USA I think. I hope the pictures do justice to this masterpiece of mine. Thanks for stopping by guys, much appreciated.

Close up view of my earings and necklace. I thought this shot would be sexy and gangster. Don't know why. I'm breaking out lately! Acne is making my life difficult.
See what I mean? He cut off my whole head here. LOL.


  1. Cute look. I love the cut offs.

  2. I’m on the lookout for some jeans I can cut off..DIY project in effect….love your look!

  3. Thanks Savonne. @Katie Mac, I had so much doing this I actually wanna distress ALL my jeans now. Lol.

  4. LOL!! I'm digging the necklace and the cut off denim... they're gangster, lol! And your hair is gorgeous =]