Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Last week Wednesday marked the 48th anniversary of Africa Day. On the 25 May, 1963, the leaders of the then independent Africa, made history and gave significant impetus to the continent's collective but then incomplete struggle for independence, by establishing the Organisation of the African Unity. Nearly four decades followed, in which African states stood united in the framework of the OAU, while making efforts to give depth and meaning to their political independence and striving for the socio-economic development of their peoples. Those efforts yielded positive results, culminating in the establishment of the African Union (AU). 25 May is therefore celebrated and commemorated every year as Africa Day.

Africa Day is a great initiative, allowing us as Africans to celebrate the continent it's accomplishments, it also instills a great sense of pride in Africans. My greatest prayer for Africa is that in the wake of the political uprisings that have hit the continent, God will produce a group of selfless leaders, who will shun the autocratic tendencies of leaders past, who will work tirelessly toward the development of the people and towards bridging tribal barrier so that we may all see each other as ONE. May God guard Africa's leaders and give them peace. Amen.

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  1. BRILLIANT!! I have never heard about this. Yes, I Love Africa, too. This made me feel good on my lunch break, thank you!!! :)