Sunday, 20 February 2011



Finally an outfit of the day from me, this is what I call my freak ‘em dress! I wore this out for drinks with a good friend of mine, really wanted to take pics of me and her but the drinks and conversation got the better of me and I totally forgot. We were celebrating her departure, she’s leaving South Africa for a while, she’s gonna be working on a cruise ship. I’m totally jealous, she gets to make loads of money while she travels world. That’s totally awesome! I’m really proud of her. 
These are pics I took before my friend came to pick me up. Love this dress, love the way I look in it, just really have to do something about my knees. Am trying guys.

I am crazy about animal prints and I love this belt of mine. It’s a great accessory for any outfit. I’m definitely planning on increasing my collection of animal prints.
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