Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Dear Black Girl,

The big, round ass ­- also known as the booty, junk in the trunk, and in South African - e reverse zo mhlaba­ - is to black women what air is to human beings. It is very important in our definition of the ideal body image. What is almost as important is the ample bosom; but it does not rank quite as highly.

In traditional African culture the buxom body has been associated with health, wealth and status, and for decades it was the preferred body type and in some African countries like Mauritania it still is.  However,   with modernization and different cultural influences the curvy body and the ample butt slowly lost their acclaim as ‘the powers that be’ purported that thinner equal’s beauty.  

African women have always had the booty even when it was not fashionable, right now the big booty is the newest fashion trend, and I feel like it’s about time  the world falls in line. People are buying booty pads to plump up their ass, which m HILARIOUS to me! Some people have surgical procedures done on their asses, and that is not funny to me because some women lose their lives to such procedures.

To whom do we owe this ass-olution (ass revolution)? Jennifer Lopez!

 She came out at the 2000 Grammy’s in that figure hugging green dress she was fabulous, sexy and unapologetic about her phat ass. Compared to the average African woman her ass is a modest 4 on the ass-o-meter, and it saddens me that it took for Jlo to flaunt her assets for the world to start appreciating something that African women have had for decades. However I feel as African women there is a lot that we can learn from her, she was unapologetic about her body, and she didn’t wait for anyone to affirm her. It is that audacity of her confidence that would not relent even in the face constant onslaughts on the curvy body that we need to master.

Its very hard being a black woman in the world, there are continuous attacks on the black woman. Its either your skin is not light enough, your hair is not wavy enough, your features’ are too prominent, you are too fat or you are too black! Moral of my story is, black woman love yourself, because the big ass, the plus size frame, the ample bosom, these are things you’ve had forever!  Let’s not wait for the world to sing our praises, let’s appreciate ourselves now.

I feel very good about the fact that the world has now gone onto this new booty trend, I’m equally happy about this new plus size revolution it feels like a victory for big women everywhere. Finally, the everyday woman gets to be a victor! Finally, the average woman is celebrated! Hooray!

Signing out: the bountifully blessed Voluptuous Vixen


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