Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Weekend Recap

I went to the theatre with my sister this weekend, to see a play called plastics, it was directed by my cousin so we went to support her. The play is about a group of women who are living out of their means and are concerned with keeping up appearences. I think everyone invloved in the play did a good job.
Two tickets for plasitcs please!

A picture of the ladies on the set doing their thang thang.
 This past weeked was another long weekend, but it went by so quickly! it is back to the drudgery and realities of the 9-5. I had a hair crisis this whole weekend, I undid my braids, which I'd have for a month and a half, after undoing them I wanted to kick myself because I realised, I'm broke at the moment so I can't get a decent hairdo. I decided to get a nice natural hairdo (cornrows), which I think I look good in, but the only problem with cornrows is that they do not last for long. So, in 2 weeks or so I'll have to get my hair done again, I do not know if my financail situation would have changed by then.  I just hope and pray that I'll have more money in 2 weeks time, God delivers so I'll keep the hope.
This is my angry face, my hair is driving me mad

A view from the top

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